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Wednesday, January 25, 2017
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De-stressing Before Mid-term Exams

During the last two weeks of Ms. LaValley’s Psychology I class, students identified the many stressors they face as high school students and discussed the impact their stress has on their minds, bodies, and emotional well-being. Students learned how personality types can influence one’s response to stress and explored many coping skills that can be used to combat one’s perspective of and reaction to the many stressors that teens (and adults) can and do face in their lives.

This year, the Psychology I students put on a Wellness Fair in room B110 the week before mid-year and final exams so that they could take some time to de-stress from the many pressures they experience on a given day, such as time management, expectations, the pressures of school, sports, family and relationships. Students were encouraged to take one day to utilize the techniques offered at the fair and then to extend an invitation for the following day to their peers and/or teachers and staff who had a free period during the Psychology I classes so that they, too, could de-stress during such a potentially stressful time in their life: exam time.

The Wellness Fair included many stations with different coping mechanisms to utilize for relieving stress. Stations included items such as, air hockey and foosball tables, a punching bag, games, zentangle and anti-stress coloring pages, squishy sand, stress balls, a light therapy box, nail polish, aromatherapy, music, foot reflexology sandals, as well as back and shoulder massagers. There were short videos with yoga, breathing, and tapping techniques to be practiced on a screened in yoga mat for privacy. The sleep station was a popular place to be with bean bags, pillows, a soft and silky blanket, and stuffed animals. Stress relief education materials that included information on anti-stress foods, feng shui for stress-free living at home, brain-changing skills, articles on 12 things happy people do and other tips to de-stress, as well as a wellness workbook to take with them were provided. Most loved of all, was the pet therapy time with Mrs. Blair’s service dog, Ruby, who both made it a priority to share the calming, soothing effect of time with animals with those attending the Wellness Fair.  

Fun was had by all and many students said, “This is something the whole school should get to experience, especially before exam time!” We’d love to see more people attend in the future and hope you all can take more time for yourselves to relax and appreciate the importance of fun and self-care.



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