Life Skills Students Keeping the Community Informed
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
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Like the iconic clock tower at the Ludlow Mills, the Ludlow High School marquee is a town landmark that keeps the community informed of current events, both at the high school and in the community. What many are unaware of is who, exactly, is responsible for keeping the information current and up-to-date.  

LHS Principal, Lisa Nemeth, explained that the responsibility of changing the marquee monthly was delegated to the students in the Life Skills Program several years ago. “Having the marquee neat, organized and readable is more difficult than you would think,” commented Nemeth. “Mr. Mitchell’s students do a great job figuring all that out. It's also a bonus when it's a beautiful day and they get to go outside...winter months not so much!”

“Changing the marquee message is a good opportunity for our students to practice and reinforce their ELA skills and to work cooperatively to reach a mutual goal,” shared Jonathan Mitchell, LHS Life Skills Teacher.  “Not to mention this activity provides an important service to the Ludlow community by keeping them informed of what's happening.”

LHS 10th grade student, Jacob Kozioll, said that he enjoys changing the letters every month, “We take down the letters and then put up the new letters.  It’s fun to change the letters and step on the stool to make me taller!”

Mitchell explained that at the end of each month Nemeth provides the class with the messages that she would like displayed- the calendar of LHS events for one side of the marquee and a community event on the other side. Prior to heading outside, the students, with the help of the classroom paraprofessionals,  Sandy Chechette and Kiesha Bolden, take time to organize the letters so they are ready and prepared to go right to work.

So the next time you’re driving down Chapin Street and see the LHS marquee you can thank Life Skills students- Jacob, Travis, Kyle, Lucas and Dominic - for keeping you up-to-date and informed at LHS and beyond!

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