October Students of the Month
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Thursday, November 16, 2017
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According to Ludlow High School Principal, Lisa Nemeth, at the start of this year the faculty at Ludlow High School requested to resurrect the tradition of selecting students of the month.  She stated that it has been several years since this program was implemented.

Kathleen Zianio, LHS Social Studies Teacher, explained that two to three students will be recognized monthly. “We wanted to bring back this tradition to highlight some of the amazing things our students do, to make our high school a great community. Faculty nominate students who they feel contribute to the  positive culture in our school."

“It’s also nice to hear those personal stories about a student, from our colleagues that highlights a quality or activity that you may not be aware of,” continued Zianio.  “In terms of who can be nominated, faculty can recommend any student they think has done something to make a positive difference.”

Nemeth added, “We know that our classrooms are filled with amazing kids both academically and socially minded, who go above and beyond our expectations.  This is a nice way to recognize our students who go the extra mile.”

For the month of October two juniors were recognized- Brianna Walas and Emily Haryasz. CONGRATULATIONS to each of these students who are contributing to a positive and welcoming culture at Ludlow High School.

Brianna’s recommendation-

Brianna was nominated because of her willingness to just be a good friend and classmate to all here at Ludlow High.  This young woman treats friends, faculty, and classmates with genuine respect and thoughtfulness. She is willing to reach out and help others in the simplest of ways.  Whether it is working with others in class, in clubs, or lending a helping hand in the hallway or at lunch.  She is the type of kid who just has helped make Ludlow High a better school.   

Emily’ recommendation-

Emily was nominated for adding to a positive school climate.  This young woman is willing to help her classmates out with no expectation of anything in return.  Each day at the end of the 7th period, she stays after class to put up any chairs from desks where students sit.  Again, she does this with no expectations, just does it because it is a kind thing to do.  Students like this just help make Ludlow High  a better place. 



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